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About Us

“At Managed Design Solution we provide extensive digital Project Management, Information Management,3D design and 3D coordination services to the utility sector. Intelligent 3D models give validation to process design, construction management planning and delivery. Our processes enable more effective end user satisfaction during the operations period- where life-cycle costs can have the greatest impact, providing accurate information to operate and maintain the facility. Planned digital Project delivery is most effective when implemented early in the project life-cycle. MDS have the expertise to plan, design, collaborate, communicate, coordinate and manage digital project delivery both for clients and their supply chain.

Who we are

MDS Ltd. offer digital services and technologies to the Construction Industry with primary emphasis on the utilities sector. Managed Design Solutions Ltd. was started by Julian Drapiewski and Jonathan Grimes in 2019. Together with their combined professional experience, MDS was formed bringing BIM services to the utilities sector.

Jonathan Grimes (Eng Civil Engineering, BSc Construction Management, PgDip in Applied BIM and Management) is a BIM consultant and Julian Drapiewski (MSc & Eng., C. Eng., MIEI) is a water and waste water process engineer and project manager. Both Julian and Jonathan are backed by nearly two decades worth of experience between them working in the private and public utilities sector.

In creating MDS Ltd. their goal is to merge their wealth of knowledge and experience of the industry into a comprehensive client tailored BIM service helping reduce construction cost and manage projects efficiently.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling is quickly becoming a vital component in managing design, implementation and facility management work for projects across multiple industries. BIM offers the ability to build a project in a 3D virtual reality before it is built physically on-site. Engineering, architectural and construction contractors can collaborate through a central repository throughout all project phases to effectively manage their respective responsibilities while developing the client’s digital information requirements.

Through the virtual model we can understand the design, explore, analyse, question and adjust to end up with an overall perfected end design. The information that sits within this model can be used to inform crucial decisions about the project. BIM is both a technology and a process. Once the project is complete, the validated information contained within the centralised database can then be used to facilitate asset management activities by the end user.

The model is a living and breathing digital environment throughout the life-cycle of the project. Managed Design Solutions (MDS) offer services to the industry at all stages during project delivery and facility management to help design, manage and avail of the significant benefits and features which BIM offers.

Our Services

We offer several services that will help your company’s building modelling needs

BIM Services

  • Model Validation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Bim Coordination
  • Custom Dynamo Scripts
  • Family Creation
  • Information Management
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Clash Detection
  • BIM Implementation & Training
  • 3D Laser Scanning- Point Clouds
  • 3D Walkthroughs

BIM Management

  • CDE Setup & Workflow management 
  • Information Exchange Management
  • Approval process direction & management
  • BEP Production
  • BIM Mandate
  • BIM Progress Report
  • COBie Data Integration’
  • Asset Register Population
  • Progress Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • BIM Compliance Reporting
  • BIM Validation
  • BIM Documentation
  • Manage All phases throughout construction process

4D Construction Sequencing

  • View Planned vs Actual
  • Improve Site communication
  • Progress Reporting
  • Time & Location Based Clashing
  • Better analysis- Health & Safety
  • Lessons learned -Future Projects

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